After the police have completed their investigation:

  • Do not attempt to remove finger print dust.
  • Do not use any damaged appliances or lamps
  • Do not try to remove ink, paint or cosmetic stains.

Exterior: Wash off or hose down any egg damage as soon as possible.

Carpets & Upholstery: Vacuum up glass particles. Blot food spills with a wet cloth or sponge. (Wring out any excess water first.) Be careful not to rub the spill, as this may damage fibers.

Containers and Fragments: Save any containers that can reveal the composition of spilled inks, cosmetics and paints. Also, save any broken pieces of furniture or household items (wood chips, pieces of porcelain, etc.)

The damage caused by vandalism can most often be cleaned, restored, and repaired.

Purofirst is a name you can count on for immediate response. Upon receiving your call one of our technicians can be at the site of loss within two hours. Emergency services can be preformed which may include board-up, water extraction, etc. with your approval.

24 Hour Emergency Response
(760) 245-5545 or (800) 200-9111

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Purofirst Fire & Water Restoration


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