At PuroFirst, we have extensive experience working directly with insurance companies to restore customers’ homes to pre-loss condition. When properties require board-up services, our longstanding reputation of providing reliable, professional, and thorough work is why insurance companies refer their clients to us. One such client thought they just needed a simple board-up of their home. But, the job quickly expanded into a much larger project.

Good as New

Initially, when the insurance company contacted us, the job scope only included board-up services and temporary storage for the items at the house. The property had suffered a great deal of water damage to every major area, including the roof. In fact, there was not much of a roof that remained after the disaster. We informed the homeowners that we also provide repair and reconstruction services, and we agreed to restore the home!

The House Before We Began Repairs

The house was not in good condition. We knew that almost everything within the house would need to be replaced. This meant we’d be installing new flooring, drywall, doors, and roof, as well as painting the interior and exterior, rewiring the electrical system, AND installing a new HVAC. Needless to say, this was a big job, but our team was more than up for the challenge.

The House During Our Repairs

PuroFirst has been an accredited general contractor since 1976, and our team really got to flex their expertise and experience on this job. We had to perform a restoration to every room of the house in some capacity. We rebuilt the walls and roof from scratch, as well as setting up the electrical system. There was even a collapsed awning in the backyard that we reconstructed.

The House After We Completed Our Repairs

After we rebuilt everything, the electricity was back up and running, and the plumbing was working; we put the finishing touches on the house. The new floors were installed, as well as the roof tiles and new vanities in the bathrooms. The clients were thrilled with the results, and the house was back and better than ever!

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