For the last past year, Purofirst Fire & Water Restoration has provided fire damage restoration in Ontario, CA, as well as reconstruction services to a home that suffered a severe fire. The fire started in the garage and quickly spread to the entire house. Read the full story below.

Providing Fire Damage Restoration in Ontario, CA to a Local Home

The house, owned by a retired gentleman, was in a really rough condition when we arrived at the scene. Structural damage was widespread, and the contents were almost completely destroyed or non-salvageable. 

Fire damage restoration is the process of repairing and restoring a property that a fire has damaged. This can include repairing the damage to the structure of the property, as well as cleaning and restoring any possessions that have been affected by the fire.

This is what our crew at Purofirst Fire & Water Restoration did for the retired homeowner. We first assessed the degree of damage to the structure and contents. After that, we drew up plans for reconstructions and worked to obtain permits from the city.

We immediately got to work once we had the approval to reconstruct the home, including the front and back patios, garage, main living spaces, and roof. Our team removed any destroyed items and kept the ones that could be salvaged, such as some furniture items.

Next came the part of the fire damage restoration job that involved removing smoke and soot residue. We cleaned affected surfaces, such as floors, to eliminate chemical pollutants. Then, to remove smoke odors, we used foggers, ozone generators, and hydroxyl generators.

The property reconstruction was a complex process that took our team the longest amount of time. Overall, this project took 11 months to complete due to the amount of damage. We completed both interior and exterior remediation and reconstruction work.

This was definitely one of the most complex jobs we’ve done so far, and we’re proud of each of the crew members that worked so hard to finish the difficult job.

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Fire damage can be devastating, but with the help of Purofirst Fire & Water Restoration, you can rest assured that the job will be done right. We’ll take care of everything, from board-ups and debris removal to smoke and odor removal. So if your home has been damaged by a fire, don’t wait – call us today at (760) 245-5545!