As property damage restoration professionals, we get calls for all sorts of types of disasters. A retired couple in Happy Valley noticed water coming into the house from underneath their front door. They immediately called Purofirst to dry out the area and also prevent any further damage. Within an hour of the initial phone call, an IICRC (Institue of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified technician assessed the problem and took action.

Blackwater Makes It a Not-So-Happy Valley

The damage in this house was classified as category three water damage, which is any water damage to property that resulted from grossly contaminated “Blackwater.” This includes ruptured toilets, sewer pipe backups, and overflowing septic tanks. Blackwater is the scientific term for water that is contaminated by raw sewage or other harmful pollutants. Such water contains bacteria, viruses, and other potentially dangerous pathogens that can cause severe illness or injury to occupants of the building; this includes parasites like Leptospira (a bacteria known to be contracted through rodent feces) and Hepatitis A (a virus often spread through food consumption).

Extensive water damage was present throughout the entire western part of the home, including the master bedroom, garage area, and hallway. Our team had first to dry out the standing blackwater before we could proceed. In all of the areas that had water, we removed roughly a foot of drywall and the hardwood floors, then sanitized and deodorized the foundations and walls.

Photos of the restoration in progress

Photos of the completed restoration

In just under three months, our team completely restored the home. Although there were no time constraints placed upon us by the clients, we still made it a priority to quickly and effectively complete the tasks to go back to their regular lives. They were very appreciative of our team’s hard work and dedication to their home. We are very grateful that they trusted us to help them through this challenging situation.

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